The New Jersey Court System has over 40 committees that help it develop and implement new policies through the court’s rulemaking process. Right now, the court is looking for volunteers to serve on seven committees for the 2018-2020 term.


1. Arbitration Advisory Committee

2. Civil Practice Committee

3. Committee on Jury Selection in Civil and Criminal Trials

4. Committee on Model Civil Jury Charges

5. Special Civil Part Practice Committee

6. Committee on the Tax Court

7. Committee on Women in the Courts


These committees strive to be as inclusive and collaborative as possible, but in the grand scheme of things, the people who are going to have a say in what the court’s committees do, are the people that volunteer to serve on them.


Any attorney interested in being considered by the Court for possible appointment, either to any of these specific committees or generally, can submit an application at the following site:


NJCJI strongly encourages our members and supporters to apply for appointment to any committee they are interested in serving on.