The New Jersey State Bar Association has created a Task Force to examine the issue of judicial independence. The members of the Task Force are retired judges, law professors, practicing attorneys and members of the lay public. The goal of the Task Force is to produce a report that will contain recommendations with respect to preserving the independence of the judges of this State. The Task Force is wholly independent of the Bar Association, which will not control or influence its proceedings or conclusions.


The Task Force has concluded that it should hold a series of public hearings to solicit the views of both the legal community and the community at large with respect to this critical issue. These hearings will be held on the following dates, at the stated locations:


  • Tuesday, April 1, New Jersey Law Center, New Brunswick, 4 p.m.
  • Thursday, May 15, NJSBA Annual Meeting, Borgata, Atlantic City, 1 p.m.
  • Rutgers Law School—Camden, date to be determined
  • Seton Hall Law School, Newark, date to be determined


The purpose of these hearings is to seek purposeful recommendations as to whether our current system of judicial appointment and reappointment may be improved, and if so, how. The hearings are not intended, and will not be permitted, to provide a forum for individuals who may be disgruntled with their contacts with the judicial system or with the composition of the judiciary.


Those interested in testifying should send their name, contact information, and a brief statement to