Marcus Rayner, the President of the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute, is today moderating a panel discussion at the Medical Society of New Jersey’s 2014 Physicians Advocacy Conference on the future of medical liability reform in New Jersey. The panel will include Assemblyman Herb Conaway, Jr., MD (D-Burlington) and Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth).


Rayner will kick things off with an overview of the state’s medical liability climate, focusing on how New Jersey compares with other states. Rayner will then outline some reforms that are being considered, including bills being sponsored by Conaway and Beck. This will be followed by a question and answer session moderated by Rayner.


“As the national debate on health-care reform unfolds, it is worth noting that here in New Jersey, we are facing our own health-care crisis thanks to the state’s poor medical liability climate. Increasing costs and the fear of lawsuits is driving out physicians, limiting patient access to care, and increasing the cost of health care for all of us.” said Rayner. “Facilitating a discussion between legislators and New Jersey physicians on the topic is a first step in solving the problem.”


The New Jersey Civil Justice Institute (NJCJI, formerly the New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance) was formed in 2007 to advocate for a civil justice system that treats all parties fairly and discourages lawsuit abuse. NJCJI and its members believe that a fair civil justice system resolves disputes expeditiously and impartially, based solely upon application of the law to the facts of each case. Such a system fosters public trust and motivates professionals, sole proprietors, and businesses to provide safe and reliable products and services while ensuring that truly injured people are fully compensated for their losses. Visit for more information.




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