2014's Most Ludicrous LawsuitA lot of ridiculous lawsuits were filed in New Jersey this year, but only one can be crowned 2014’s Most Ludicrous Lawsuit. This year, the esteemed honor goes to the woman suing Disney for $250 million because she claims the blockbuster hit Frozen was stolen from her autobiography.


“The plaintiff in this case needs to take a hint from Queen Elsa and ‘Let it Go,’” said NJCJI President Marcus Rayner. “You can’t stop people from filing lawsuits like this, but you can discourage it. Many of the worst lawsuits are filed because New Jersey law incentivizes them. When the law encourages a disregard for personal responsibility, or allows uninjured parties and their attorneys to collect a windfall, people are going to take advantage of it.”


“An abundance of ridiculous lawsuits is just one of the signs that New Jersey’s legal climate is out of control,” said Rayner. “Right now there are five common sense legal reform bills with bipartisan sponsorship under consideration in the legislature. The passage of this legal reform package would significantly improve New Jersey’s reputation for litigation.”


The New Jersey Civil Justice Institute (NJCJI) advocates for a civil justice system that treats all parties fairly and discourages lawsuit abuse. NJCJI and its members believe that a fair civil justice system resolves disputes expeditiously and impartially, based solely upon application of the law to the facts of each case. Such a system fosters public trust and motivates professionals, sole proprietors, and businesses to provide safe and reliable products and services while ensuring that truly injured people are fully compensated for their losses.




Emily Kelchen, NJCJI Dir. of Pub. Affairs


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