Does how we regulate business matter?You know your state has a litigation problem when even onlookers across the pond in London are calling you out. Things have gotten pretty bad for businesses in New Jersey since plaintiffs’ attorneys began flooding the courts with Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act (TCCWNA) lawsuits over the terms of service agreements on business websites.


NJCJI has been leading the effort to reform this poorly drafted and misused law by filing amicus briefs in pending cases and working with the legislature to develop a solution. At our October 11 conference, we will be providing an update on our reform efforts, exploring how this statute has produced such an explosion of litigation, and discussing practical steps businesses can take to attempt to shield themselves from TCCWNA litigation.


If you own or advise a business in New Jersey, you need to be in the room for this important discussion. Online terms of service lawsuits are just the tip of the TCCWNA iceberg. The only way to stop this law from costing businesses in our state billions of dollars is by being pro-active and taking a strong, united stand against TCCWNA abuse.


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